Left and right are both directions. The difference between them is that when facing due North, your former will be to the West, and your latter will fall on the East. Remember which half of your body was placed in each quadrant, and you will be able to know the difference between your left and right, this works even after you discontinue facing North.
Red is the light reflecting visual representation shared by both blood, and my blankie. It’s also the opposite of green.
The new colour is called Banewolf. I may not have been able to visualise it, but I did just think of it, which was the only prerequisite.
Pure water doesn’t stimulate any of the varying taste sensations, neither does it effect the sense of smell. So this is basically like asking “What is breathing oxygen unassisted in outer space like” knowing full well humans can’t breathe there. However, almost all water you’ve ever drunk has been tainted by something else; tannin, fluoride, minerals, blahblahblah, it depends on where you are. You simply become accustomed to that water so you no longer taste the additional properties. This is why when you go to a different area and drink tap water, sometimes it tastes bad. Or why if you are used to drinking rain water, tap/bore is disgusting to you. It’s not the actual water, it’s the tiny little extra bits you are tasting.
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Fuck high school. In elementary school the whole classroom was your Valentine. We were in this shit together.

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Frozach Submitted

So I read the Japanese Bee one to my roommate, who promptly responded “Like, who was the first group to figure that out. ‘Alright, here’s the plan: we’re gonna group hug, and then BUZZZZZZ.’”

we didn’t even give pluto a year really

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Reunited with Katieee! @nickyycostaa
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Outfit of the night
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I think this guy needs to oil his flip flops

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My natural habitat: food and twitter
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Editing my latest video, can you guess what it’s on?! #HDselfie
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ANNOUCEMENT: @chadwsugg has the cutest baby in the entire world and you should go support the cutest baby in the world by buying Chad’s album. if you don’t I’ll assume you hate cute babies.
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Messin around with lighting test shots. Loving my new lights!

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Obsessed with those pants!
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I was going to sleep there…
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Well. I know what I want for my birthday

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