can’t believe yesterday I was blonde and today my hair so so dark! #nofilter
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loving having dark hair again. feels so much more me
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Stick to your roots! (get it? like hair roots? cause I’m naturally brunette? no? ok…). #nofilter
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Such an honor to interview @TripleH and @stephanieMcMahon ! The nicest & most personable couple ever!
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INTRODUCING THE 2013 LIGHT WEIGHT WORLD CHAMP. Thanks to the “got milk?” campaign for having me today! And for all the awesome #proteinfightclub #milkwins stuff! Lovin the cow print pajama pants + the protein fight club robe!
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Casually getting picked up by 13 time world heavy weight champion, WWE star “Triple H.” Had so much fun interviewing him and his beautiful wife! #gotmilk #proteinfightclub
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So awesome getting to meet @keishermcleodwells at the Protein Fight Club event! She’s an amazing boxer & hopefully I’ll be able to see one of her fights one day!
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very intense game of Deal or no Deal in the arcade !
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So my grandparents are over to celebrate my birthday tonight (b/c I’m playing a show on my real birthday) and this is what I’m currently wearing. My birthday outfit.
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Lovin this brandy Melville skirt!
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This photo was an outtake from the recent photoshoot I did with David Aday. Although it wasn’t used in the final layouts I wanted to show you guys anyways! 
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Journal Entry?

I thought that maybe doing a little bit of legitimate blogging - just talking about my life and how I’m feeling, etc. - might be a good way for me to connect with you all a little bit more. Especially since a lot of you are probably going through very similar experiences!

As many of you may know, I’m moving on out of my house and moving in to college in less than a week. Although I’m so stoked to decorate my dorm, make new friends, take some rad classes, make new memories and hopefully just have a great experience in general I’m also nervous. I’m a huge homebody, and even though I’m staying in New York it’s not quite the same. My mom and I are extremely close, she’s my best friend and it’s definitely going to be weird being without her. I’m also going to miss my pets. My bunny, Fluffy, has been a part of my family for 9 years now so it’s hard to even remember a time when he wasn’t around. And now my new puppy Sammy who has been here for a few months now has gotten extremely attached to me - she won’t sleep in anyone else’s bed and follows me around everywhere. Of course I’m extremely attached to her too and the idea of not seeing her for weeks on end breaks my heart. 

I suppose everyone gets back to school jitters though. Whether it’s college, high school, middle school - even little kids going to grade school. Everyone just wants to fit in with whatever crowd and have a good year. 

So that being said -  I hope you all have an awesome school year and are as stoked as I am to make some new friends + new memories. Heads up! We can do this.



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Against the Current <3

Love this!

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My noble steed and I
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My chariot

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