I converted him to a Giants fan. @davidkaday
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Tony and Ted your warehouse experts. We ship in style. @davidkaday
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I climbed mount box today!!! Lol signing + shipping posters today! So many boxes of poster tubes…
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best movie.

"THERE now I’ve touched it!" 

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When did she get so stinkin big?
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Puppy love kisses. Last day to get my poster SIGNED!!! Cannot BELIEVE how amazing you guys have been, I never expected this amount of support on my first poster EVER! I’m seriously so blessed to have y’all ❤️ xo (link in my description! bit.ly/inviscam)
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"Cause there we are again in the middle of the night, we dance around the kitchen in the refrigerator light."
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No makeup + oversized pjs? I sense a new video coming! (+ my signed posters are almost sold out!! tomorrow is the last day to get it signed! You guys are amazing❤️ xo)
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I miss mah puppy! PS - tomorrow is the last day you can get a SIGNED poster!!! Seriously so overwhelmed with the amount of support y’all have given me so far ❤️ link in my description !
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Dim sum for the first time!!
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Editing some video stuffs! Don’t forget to pick a poster before they’re all gone!!! Link in mah description :)
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Totally blown away by the amount of support you guys have given me for my first post ever!!! I just received the proof today! We’re getting SUPER close to selling out and we might sell out before the weekend so if you want a signed poster make sure you pick it up ASAP or they might be gone!!! Seriously I cannot thank y’all enough it means the WORLD to me<3 love you guys!! Xo link in my description!!!
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Just finished filming another video! Can you guess what it is?! Also can’t believe how many of you have already gotten posters! We’re getting super close to selling out!! If ya want to support me and pick one up, you can get it signed if you get it before the 30th! Link in my description! Xo
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I really want a princess ring. I think they are so dainty and detailed. Just have to find one!

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