I started loving myself again when I stopped giving a fuck about meeting other people’s expectations of who I should be.
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// Brand New // 
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ifeel-lucky asked: Your fashion sense is always on point! Seriously, I love most of your clothing items😍♥️ Much love :)x

Aw thank you so much! <3


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infiniteallien asked: Chrissy! Are we able to buy merchandise at the Australian shows?? I don't want to risk it not getting here in time if I order it online! Can't wait!!! The countdown is on! Keep roaring beautiful ♡♡

Yep we’ll be selling merch at every show! <3 xo

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different-galaxiess asked: I feel like I know you. Like I've been friends with you for years just by reading your tumblr posts and reblogs. I just think you are one of the most down to earth and beautiful people on the inside and out. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and everyone else reading your blog❤️

I like that a lot. I really want people to know the real me. I think this blog is where I can really be raw and vulnerable because I’m not here promoting the band or anything like that. It’s just my thoughts and feelings

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my baby :( 

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You wrecked me and
I apologized.


Never again.  (via seabelle)

I don’t think I’ve ever identified so well with a single sentence. 

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Just a father and mother kissing their dying little girl goodbye. If you are wondering why all the medic people are bowing: in less than an hour, two small children in the next room are able to live thanks to the little girl’s kidney and liver. - Imgur
“Powerful” isn’t a good enough descriptor for this image series.  

Just got so emotional
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nothing personal + snaps (pt. 2)
(pt. 1)
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voo-doo-d0ll asked: Where did you get your Om choker?! I've been looking for one!

I made it myself!

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ih8maths asked: hi you have probably been asked this a hundred times but what was the psychotic book you were reading called? thanks x

It’s called The Psychopath Whisperer - The Science of Those Without Conscience by Kent A. Kiehl PHD!

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